Butler, Oksana


oksana-butlerOksana has been a dance instructor for CMD since 2000, and in 2007 became a CMD Licensed Territory Owner and Director of Ritmika, Inc.  She has extensive training in gymnastics, sports, acrobatics, choreography, and dance in the former Soviet Union, with internationally renowned coaches and instructors.

She received her level 10 in Artistic Gymnastics, and attended the prestigious Olympic Reserve Boarding School of Uzbekistan (SSSR). She continued training in Sports Acrobatics with the elite National Uzbek Team as a flyer in women’€™s double.  Dance was a part of all her sports career, as a regular class in Choreograph school in Tashkent.

Oksana has a unique ability to orchestrate creative artistic dances for children, and bring out their special talents.  Her sweet, gracious and captivating teaching style is contagiously fun, and she knows how to capture the hearts of her students.