Mother Goose

mother-gooseA perfect class for toddlers!  This class is a structured program designed for the early development of rhythm and movement.  Mother Goose has been developed especially for toddlers, and meets their needs and limitations by providing a carefully paced sequence of exercises, dances, stories and props to develop physical skills and patterns of movement.  Since children naturally respond to music and movement, the activities are presented through music.  Children will learn self-discipline, listening skills, coordination skills, and patterns in movement.

Children are encouraged to have fun as they clap, sing and move to music, to make faces and imagine. They use scarves and hula hoops to appreciate lightness and roundness, balls and bean bags to learn balance and coordination.  Through their games and improvisation, the children develop self-awareness and come to appreciate their expressive potential.

The class is designed to improve body awareness and foster self-confidence, emphasizing motor skill development, coordination skills, limbering and muscle tone. This is the perfect preparatory class for children before beginning ballet, tap, or jazz dance.

Rhythm is the strongest element in music, and a child’s natural response to music is to move rhythmically.  For that reason, this program is as much for music readiness as it is for dance, and it is a fun-filled experience for children.

Class Highlights:

  • One 30 minute class per week.
  • Class size is limited.
  • No uniforms, costumes, or special shoes to buy.

Dress Code:

  • No special clothing required.

Age Requirement:

  • Children ages 18 – 36 months. (Ages may vary per location)