Hip Hop

hip-hopHip-Hop is the most contemporary dance form, and is a very fast paced, athletic dance style.  The combinations taught in this class are age appropriate (G-rated).

This class develops the strength, flexibility, rhythm, leaps, turns, balance, combinations in the center, and safe body mechanics to dance confidently in a social atmosphere.  This style of dance is known for fast, athletic movements and body isolations, unlike the fluid movement of ballet.  Hip-Hop is extremely popular, and can be seen in commercials, music videos and concerts.

Class Highlights:

  • One 45 minute class per week.
  • Class size is limited.
  • A recital performance held in May.
  • No extra recital fees or costume fees.
  • Monthly newsletters posted on website.

Dress Code:

  • Girls should be dressed in black Capri length stretch pants and tennis shoes.
  • Boys should be dressed in something that does not restrict movement, and tennis shoes.
  • No skirts or blue jeans, please.
  • Long hair should be pulled away from the face.
  • Please dress your child at home if they have a morning class.

Age Requirement:

  • Children ages 5 and up. (Ages may vary per location)