Little Champ Sports

little-champsCMD is known for its outstanding programs working with the preschool age child.  After 25 years of success, we initiated a search for the finest sports and fitness specialists available, and developed a program specifically for our clientele.  The result is LITTLE CHAMP SPORTS – the perfect program of sport skills development for boys and girls.

Parents today want to provide their children with every advantage possible for their development, including fitness and athletics.  However, programs of this kind have been virtually non-existent, until now. Imagine the confidence your child will have when they are well prepared to begin tee-ball, soccer, basketball, football, or track and field type sports!

Little Champ Sports promotes balance, strength, coordination, left and right skills, and many gross motor skills.  These are skills critical to all sports.  In addition, the students learn the value of cooperation, sportsmanship, and team attitudes.  Classes are taught in a logical progression – beginning with flexibility/range of motion, eye/hand coordination, and the ‘€œbuilding blocks’€ of athleticism and sport.  The children then advance to general agility, ball rolling, bouncing, kicking, ball handling and throwing.  Finally, sport specific skills are perfected, for baseball, basketball, football, soccer, track & field, and others.

Little Champ Sports is a great way for your child to have fun, while getting a head start for any sports activities they may pursue.

Class Highlights:

  • One 45 min. class per week
  • Class limit 14 students

Dress Code:

  • T-shirt, shorts or sweats, and athletic shoes
  • No jeans, please

Age Requirement:

  • 3 5 yrs.