Summer Camps


Summer Camps are 1 week long for 3 hours each day. Some locations may differ with 4 day, extended hours or fewer hours.

Summer Sessions


Summer Sessions are 7-8 weeks long with one 45 minute class per week.  Standard Summer Session runs June – August. Some locations may differ with fewer weeks.  We do not have Summer Sessions at all locations served.

Little Champ Sports


CMD is known for its outstanding programs working with the preschool age child.  After 25 years of success, we initiated a search for the finest sports and fitness specialists available, and developed a program specifically for our clientele.  The result is LITTLE CHAMP SPORTS – the perfect program of sport skills development for boys and […]

Soccer Champs

The Soccer Champs program is designed to create a fun and interactive environment.  Our focus is on teaching basic fundamental skills and strategies of soccer, while providing an encouraging and self-discovering atmosphere.  Students will participate in individual skill training and basic teamwork scenarios.  This is a great program for giving your child a head start […]

Jazz-Hip Hop


Jazz-Hip Hop is an exciting combination class that includes the traditional, more fluid Broadway style jazz technique with modern Hip Hop.  Hip Hop, the most contemporary form of dance, helps develop strength, mobility, flexibility, rhythm, and safe body mechanics, and helps students dance confidently in a social atmosphere.  As with all CMD programs, music and […]

Tap-Ballet-Hip Hop


A combination class that includes traditional tap & ballet with more modern Hip Hop.  Because ballet is the basis for dance technique, the tap & ballet work hand-in-hand.  The technical training is taught through ballet, which helps teach the proper shifting of weight and patterns of movement for tap.  Children at this level are also […]

Mother Goose


A perfect class for toddlers!  This class is a structured program designed for the early development of rhythm and movement.  Mother Goose has been developed especially for toddlers, and meets their needs and limitations by providing a carefully paced sequence of exercises, dances, stories and props to develop physical skills and patterns of movement.  Since […]

Hip Hop Tots

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Hip-Hop Tots is our newest offering.  With the popularity of Hip Hop, we decided to create an introductory class for 3 to 5 year olds. Children have fun learning dance combinations in the Hip Hop style.  They develop strength, flexibility, rhythm, leaps, turns, balance and combinations in the center.  We teach safe body mechanics.  This […]

Hip Hop


Hip-Hop is the most contemporary dance form, and is a very fast paced, athletic dance style.  The combinations taught in this class are age appropriate (G-rated). This class develops the strength, flexibility, rhythm, leaps, turns, balance, combinations in the center, and safe body mechanics to dance confidently in a social atmosphere.  This style of dance […]

Tap Ballet


Tap Ballet is a perfect combination class!  The class is divided with 20 minutes of tap, and 25 minutes of ballet.  Since ballet is the basis for all dance technique, the combination of tap and ballet work hand in hand.  The technical training is taught through ballet, which in turn helps teach the proper shifting […]