Crutcher, Kaitlyn

Originally from Massachusetts, Kaitlyn has studied with various studios and teachers in
New England and New York. A notable experience was her time with the David Parsons
Dance Company in NYC. She studied dance at Jacksonville University, where she
collaborated with guest artists and trained in different dance styles. During her
undergraduate years, she taught and performed on the island of Curacao, participated in
the American College Dance Festival, and was a member of the Braided Light Dance
Project in Jacksonville, FL. After college, Kaitlyn returned to Massachusetts for a while.
There, she danced with companies like Forty Steps Dance Company, In Noon Dance
Company, Shadows Dance Art Experience, and Endearment Dance Company. She also
taught and created choreography for various studios and teams in the area. Later, she
moved to Atlanta, teaching at multiple studios and dancing professionally with Fuerta
Dance Company. Kaitlyn’s passion for educating dancers grew, leading her to pursue a
K-12 state licensure in dance and health/PE. Once certified, she taught at Kay Pace
School of the Arts, guiding her students toward success through the arts. Kaitlyn is
excited about joining Creative Movement and Dance, where she can continue to share
her love for dance.