Salafia, Katarina

Katarina Salafia, born and raised in Massachusetts, grew up in the dance world from birth. Her grandmother owned Carole Seretto Dance Studio, which was solely run by the family. Being part of the “three generations” they called it, grandmother, mom, and daughter, dance was just what they did. Starting dance at the age of two, it was obvious this was in her blood. Throughout the years, Katarina took ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop, all being instructed by her grandmother and mom. Katarina attended dance workshops yearly to take more training herself, and learn new techniques and choreography. She has experience with the competition world as well, being a competitor and instructor. By the age of 12, Katarina became her grandmother’s assistant for the majority of her classes. By the age of 16, Katarina wanted to become a teacher herself. Her grandmother began to delegate the younger classes to her, which she ended up taking over for the years to come. Katarina became the coordinator/instructor for all the children’s programs. As the coordinator, she was responsible for all planning and choreography for the children’s programs, which consisted of ages 13 and under. Katarina went into childcare during these years as well, which she feels really built her relationship with children, and grew the passion for working with them, including the passion for dance; it was just the perfect mix. Katarina has been teaching and dancing her entire life, up until COVID, where she decided to move to sunny Florida. She is more than excited to be getting back into the thing she loves, and beginning a new journey.