Smith, Abigail


Abigail is a former Franchisee of Creative Movement and Dance, and owner of Pirouette, Inc. (2011-2016).  After successfully starting the Columbia, SC territory, she sold that and opened another for CMD in Tampa.  After having children, Abigail decided to sell that franchise.  Due to her love of instructing children, she returned to CMD for that franchisee as an instructor.  Her love of dance began at age four, under the direction of Kim Ozier’s School of Dance.  She later went on to train and study with Nancy Robinson School of Dance and Studio D, under the instruction of Mitch Flanders.  During her high school years, Abigail was heavily involved in both dance and theater, landing starring roles in Sleeping Beauty, Cats and many other productions.  After graduating high school, Abigail continued studying dance at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.  In 1999 her teaching career began at the Kim Ozier School of Dance.