Wright, Tiana

From the tender age of six, Tiana found her rhythm performing trending hip-hop choreography at local recreational centers and events, setting the stage for a lifelong love affair with dance. However, her journey to the dance floor wasn’t a direct route. Throughout childhood, she balanced my love for dance with various sports, including basketball, soccer, flag football, step, and cheer, showcasing an innate love for athleticism and versatility. In middle school, Tiana was drawn to a more structured dance team, where she was introduced to the dynamic world of lyrical dance. It was here that she discovered a deep-seated passion for the art, fueling a determination to prove herself and grow as a dancer. Upon entering high school, she took her dedication to the next level by joining a company dance team. Under rigorous training, she was able to master an array of styles, including ballet, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, modern, auxiliary, and majorette. Tiana earned the position of Captain after her first year on the team, guiding teammates with grace and precision. With each performance, she sharpened her skills, competing at state and national level competitions while entertaining crowds at high school football games. At 16, Tiana joined a competitive adult travel dance team, performing in majorette, HBCU-style dance, and hip-hop. It was at this stage that she caught the eye of a director from another team, marking the beginning of her coaching journey at the young age of 17. As the leader of young and highly-trained competitive majorette dancers, Tiana was instilled with a fierce work ethic, leading her squad to victory at competitions across the country. Today, Tiana continues to share her love for dance as a dance instructor at Creative Movement and Dance, inspiring the next generation of dancers to find their footing on the dance floor. Her dream extends beyond the studio walls, as she aspires to start a non-profit organization to support low-income youth in discovering their passions and talents, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to shine bright on stage and beyond.